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5ivePlanets ISH Market and Concert !


submitted by Lloyd Helferty

Dear Biochar Ontario members and friends (in Japan),

  Please refer to the attached Flyer ("Tirashi.PDF").

This flyer contains information about an upcoming event in Japan that is being held in celebration of the launch of the 5ivePlanets ISH, a registered NFP Japanese initiative (Headquartered in Yokohama), whose goal is to leverage both education and technologies that work in balance with the natural cycles of the earth to increase our capacity to provide for our collective children on the one and only planet we actually have.

The mission of 5ivePlanets is to ensure sustainable food and resource supplies for the Children of the Future through effective use of appropriate technologies and education.

The 5ivePlanets not-for-profit will be raising money through a Foundation to establish and embark on various projects that will include proof of concept demos of aquaponics systems and biochar-related humanitarian projects such as cutting edge urban agricultural techniques along with explorations of methods of utilizing Biochar for the decontamination of radioactive soil using "specialized natural fungi" and/or "phyto-active plants" with Biochar.

This flyer contains information about the following upcoming events:
1. The "Tohoku Tomodachi Market" takes place on Saturday and Sunday September 3 and 4, 2011 (from 10am Sat - 6pm Sun) at Queen Square Yokohama (Minato Mirai, Yokohama).
Over 50 companies from Tohoku will attend this two day market event to sell their products and promote Tohoku business recovery.    Website or Map:
    Phone: 080-5690-1363


2. The "United We Stay" Tohoku Support Concert that takes place on Monday, September 5, 2011 at Yamamano Hall in Yoyogi, Tokyo, starting at 5:30pm. This Benefit concert will feature 8 Canadian musicians including up-and-coming superstar, Jasmine Richards of "Camp Rock" fame (...along with other special friends and guest musicians / entertainers).

Both these events have been Organized by the "5ive-Planets ISH" and all proceeds will go toward the 5ivePlanets Charitable Foundation. (Which will be used specifically to support the establishment of sustainable demonstration projects starting with a Biochar and an Aquaponics projects, to be installed in the disaster affected areas of Japan), likely to be followed up by a number of other future projects.

This concert on Monday September 5th in Yokohama will also be followed up by at least three more concerts in the US and Canada (including Toronto) this fall, so keep your eyes open for announcement and tickets to these special events!

To get your tickets for Monday event, visit (and click 'register'), call 080-5690-1363 (Japan) or send an email to ***@***.***


P.S. If you are in Japan and would like to meet with me [Lloyd Helferty] either before or after the concert, please feel free to contact me (either by phone, email, Skype or social media (LinkedIn, facebook)) and I will try to find time to meet with you while I am in Japan (which will be from Thursday September 1, 2011 until Thursday September 8 inclusive).


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Principal, Biochar Consulting (Canada)
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From: Lloyd Helferty <***@***.***>

Date: August 29, 2011 9:18:33 AM EDT

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