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Alarms at Japanese Nuclear Power Plant and Processing Facility After Magnitude 5 Earthquake

Tokai No2 Power Station

by Lucas W. Hixson - - February 29, 2012

At 7:30 am local time March 1st, a magnitude 5 earthquake hit 68 miles from TOKYO, Japan.  After the earthquake, alarms sounded from the nuclear fuel processing plants and Tokai 2 nuclear power plant in Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety announced that so far, the damage has not been confirmed in any of the facilities.  The alarm in the reprocessing facility was located within the building housing nuclear waste.

The alarms at the plant were reported to have stemmed from sensors in the reactor pool that measure the movement of water from earthquakes.


Alert at Tokai Mura (see links within, such as "Source")

Damage has not been confirmed (in Japanese)

Earthquake confirmation - USGS

Tokai Power Station operated by The Japan Atomic Power Company

From JAPC - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The amount of radiation around nuclear power stations Atomic Power is how much do you have?

Our power plants around the monitors set up monitoring stations and monitoring posts, has published the information. Radiation monitoring the status of each power plant,
" Radiation monitoring the situation surrounding the second plant Toukai Toukai(jp) "" near Tsuruga NPP radiation monitoring the situation(jp) , "please visit the page.

Tokai Radiation Monitoring (in Japanese)

Other current information about Tokai

Radiation level spiked up after the earthquake in Tokai Mura (includes video and graph)

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