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A View from Japan on Present Crisis: Dr. Satoru Hashimoto

Here in Japan, still chaotic but I hope it will be settled down by many people's effort. Unfortunately even in Japan the route to Tohoku area is limited and many offers from abroad have been declined. But please tell them we are not arrogant, but the system is not working well now. It is beyond our system. Anyway internet is doing its best. There are so many threads and mailing lists, people were united with this new tool which we did not use when we had an earthquake 16 years ago in Kobe (death toll was about 6000). The problem is the earthquake this time is far beyond our power. There is a rumor that Fukushima nuclear plant may blast and shed huge amount of radioactivity. But I do not think so, they are working their best. I am just crossing my fingers. Even if it blasts, the accident will not affect further that 20 miles. Most of casualties will be cared by routine medical procedure without any fear of second hibaku to healthcare providers. I think US decision not to go inside the area as far as 50 miles is too much, and it will cause unnecessary fear to regular people. Doctors within 20 miles say there is a increase of radioactivitiy but it will not make any harm to animals. China refused to get air cargo from Japan yesterday fearing radioactive contamination and they returned. It is nonsense. I am not sure I can convey my thought to CCM-Lers well. Please proof read about and post it from you. Japan needs your help which will be returned in future. Best regards, -------------------- Satoru Hashimoto MD Director of Intensive Care Division Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Phone 81/75-251-5725 FAX 81/75-251-5843 ***@***.***

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