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We Have / We Need - Japan

The mission of the Japan We Have / We Need Working Group is to improve We Have / We Need functions in the Japan Resilience System.

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Kathy Gilbeaux mdmcdonald

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Fwd: JSDF's HA/DR Ops and NGO Stuff

> Subject: Re: JSDF's HA/DR Ops and NGO Stuff
> Eric,
> Thank you for your note. The Japan Resilience System and the MPHISE sites have a "We Have / We Need" component, that is a part of the Resilience System ALADIN (Adaptive Logistics and Distributed Intelligent Network -- for logistics and supply chain management). These foundations of these systems are there. We are now recruiting the data stewards to run it. Ultimately, we will need a budget to do this work properly, but, in the meantime, we can do some of the work that is needed and test principles.
> In Japan right now there are some political complexities as you know. The Japan MPHISE is being promoted as a government-driven effort, with no serious uptake yet (from the Prime Minister's Social Democratic Party), given the Japanese state of overwhelm and resistance to new ideas coming from the outside. This reticence is beginning to chance. We are in discussions with officials now in the Japanese government.

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