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How Kan Will Step Down: Naoto Kan's Resignation and New Developments in Japanese Politics

by Kiyoaki Aburaki - - July 25, 2011


An Extraordinary Situation

The vague resignation announcement of Prime Minister Naoto Kan on June 2—in which he signaled his intention to step down but offered no timeline—was unlikely a surprise for many in Japan and the United States. The announcement was simply part of a natural progression created by Kan’s weak political position within the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the recent criticism of his mismanagement of the government’s response to the 3/11 disasters. What is surprising, however, is how tenaciously he has been holding on to his position since that announcement. Kan is probably the first Japanese prime minister to announce his resignation but then reject strident calls for him to step down. In this respect, Kan is extraordinary.

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