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Japan's Omotenashi House to Promote a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle at 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe

A render of the low-carbon Omotenashi House.

Image: A render of the low-carbon Omotenashi House.

submitted by Samuel Bendett - September 5th, 2012 - Peter Leah

Later this month the Madrid Solar Decathlon will welcome the only Japanese entrant, the Omotenashi House designed by students from Chiba University. The house has been designed for two people to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle, incorporating modern technology with inspiration from—and respect for—traditional Japanese architectural practices. Following the earthquake and subsequent Fukushima disaster, Japan has been looking for inspiration to create a low-carbon future.


Shelters around Japan for evacuees

Japan Times story on shelters opened for people evacuated from the disaster area.

NHK World News story on 280,000 people now in 2,200 shelters.  Also note relevant breaking news flashes along the top.

Schools and Hospitals In Sendai Have Been Turned Into Shelters

CNN - March 13, 2011 3:34 a.m. EDT

Schools and hospitals in Sendai have been turned into shelters, and volunteers were handing out bottles of water, CNN's Kyung Lah reported from the city. 

Temporary Homes Set Up For Quake Victims In Japan   2011-03-14 15:40:38


Iwate, Japan, March 14 (Xinhua) -- "Electricity has been cut off in the area we live since the earthquake happened," Takahashi told Xinhua on Monday at a temporary shelter located in Morioka, Iwate.

The greatest ever earthquake hitting northeast of Japan on March 11 has caused a suspension of the supply of water, electricity and gas in some areas including Morioka. Takahashi took his wife and two children to the temporary shelter to keep them warm amid the cold weather.

The Morioka government has set up 57 temporary shelters for the affected people. More than 3,200 people used the service.

(Full Story in the link below) 


Japanese Version of the Google Shelter Map

Google has created a Shelter Map for all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This is the Japanese version of the Google Shelter Map.

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