Winter Clothing, Food, Sanitary Supplies, Adult and Baby Diapers, Drivers

Subject: Call to help


Update for the SRF-JRMC/CFAY Tsunami Relief effort.
Operations in full swing at NIBAN and now SANBAN Towers.
We continue to accept winter clothing, food sanitary supplies, including
adult and baby diapers.

For any packaged item, and food please take to either 4th floor pick up cage
a C350 or take directly to SANBAN Towers For any clothing items, use the 4th
floor cage or take directly to NIBAN Towers. Clothing should not be dirty.

Now for the immediate need. I just requested on the unofficial noticeboard
the need for non-electric kerosene heaters.

Although the relief centers are full, they are getting our clothing and food
articles, there have been some deaths due to the freezing temperatures.

If you can find, donate, buy or tell me where to get them in bulk, they need
to get to SANBAN tower right away.

We have drivers standing by.


In advance, thank you for the continued support of this operation.

howdy folks